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The most unique love gift

Amore Flowerbox

Red Roses In Water

Amore Flowerbox Special

Create the fondest memories with Amore.

Make this Valentine's Day special with the most unique Amore gifts. 

Infinity Love Collection
Business Collection
Rose Teddy Collection
Wedding Collection
Interior & Design Collection

Our mission is to surprise you a little bit more each time.

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Our Story

At Amore, we want to inspire and share the power of love by providing Amore love boxes for every occasion. One rose tells a thousand words, one box shares a million memories... Why? Because every rose lasts more than one year.
We love nature and that is why we invest in the best grounds and work with the most creative minds to find the most efficient way of making our flower boxes. Amore For You can design personalised gifts for any occasion. By striving for perfection, we combine the boxes with high quality roses in a variety
 of colours. Amore For You wants to become the Haute Couture of flowers, that is why we design the most desired gifts to dress the most exciting events. 
Not only do we want to make your life worth remembering by making you smile; the companies’ goal is to make the world a better place through love and guidance. Give a man a rose and he will make one person smile, teach a man to harvest and he can make the world a happy place.

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