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About us

"Our mission is to surprise you a little bit more each time."

At Amore we believe in expressing love. We know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but roses, roses are magical. Every love story starts with a little rose. Imagine if a rose could last forever? Well what if they can. You just have to dream about it and we create the finest gift that lasts a lifetime. 

Yes, you heard it right. Our roses are all real roses, picked at the prime of their bloom and kept in an eco-friendly environment in Holland, the flower capital of the world. With the help of our experts, the infinity rose lasts up to three years. But ssh don’t tell anyone, some say it lasts forever. 


Every box is handcrafted by our team with a touch of love. Although we are not always there when the boxes are given, we feel touched by the reactions of our customers filled with smiles, and sometimes even tears. This is the relationship we build with our Amore family. Our mission is to surprise you a little bit more each time.

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Longlife Roses
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